How to add your movie to the online cinema Karbush TV: step by step!

Do you want to add your movie to an online cinema and show it to millions of viewers?

Today we will tell you how to do it on the Karbush TV platform.

Just a few simple steps, and your movie will be available for everyone to watch.

Let’s figure it out in more detail!

Below is the application form!

Step 1: Register

The first step to add your movie to Karbush TV is to register on the platform. It will only take a few minutes. Just go to the Karbush TV website and click the “Register” button. You will need to provide your name, email address and create a password. After filling in all the fields, click the “Register” button.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

After successful registration, an application form will be available to you to add your movie to the Karbush TV platform. The form contains various fields that need to be filled in to provide the necessary information about the film. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary data, such as the title of the movie, genre, description and other important details. The more complete and accurate your information is, the easier it will be to understand and accept your film.

Step 3: Contact your Personal Manager

After filling out the application form, wait for some time until your application is considered. It usually takes a few days. After reviewing the application, you will be contacted by the personal manager of the Karbush TV platform. He will help you with all the questions and give further instructions on how to add your movie to the platform.

Step 4: Sign a contract with us

After contacting your personal manager and clarifying all the details of your film, you will be invited to sign a contract with the Karbush TV cinema. The contract contains the terms of use of your movie on the platform and the rules for distributing revenue from views. Read the contract carefully and make sure that you agree to all the terms. After that, you can sign the contract and send it back to the platform.

Step 5: Get access to the platform

After signing the contract and reviewing it, you will be granted access to the Karbush TV platform. On the platform, you will be able to manage your movies, view ratings and track your revenue from views. This is a handy tool for monitoring the success of your movie on the platform.

Now that you know all the steps of adding your movie to the online cinema Karbush TV, you are ready to share your creativity with the world!

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach new audiences and get recognition for your work.

Register, fill out the application form, contact your personal manager, sign a contract and get access to the platform – all this is in your hands!

Get ready for new opportunities and meet success on the Karbush TV platform!

We wish you good luck and incredible results!