A series about Other realities

Screenshot for season 1, episode 1, TV series Other Reality

At first we thought that our series was only about Other reality))) But no, it’s not like that at all)))


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Each person has their own reality, so our series is about many realities)

And since the plot is about Other reality, it means that the declension will be in the plural)

So, if you are not familiar with our series, then you need to start with our Guide (unfortunately it is currently in development) – so the way out of the situation is to start learning and reading materials on our website – and I think you will quickly get in)))

Immerse yourself in Other reality with an exciting series on our website! We present you a unique story full of unexpected twists and exciting adventures. Discover a new world and empathize with the heroes with us!

Trailer for the first season

Promo trailer for the first season of the TV series Other Reality

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