#1 – The history of the creation of the series Other reality

#1 – This is a Vulture mark so that it is convenient for you to consistently read Wikipedia.

The first steps on their way to the cherished goal were laid back in the summer of 2008, when the yard guys from the village of Verkhny Karbush gathered with director Paul Latushkin – Sergey Voronov and …, he is also the operator of the soap dish. The working title of the film is the Underworld. We gathered ourselves, we came up with it ourselves, we took it off ourselves, Paul mounted it, and everyone was happy))).

Back in 2008, Paul was sitting watching his favorite horror movie Hellraiser, and at the end of the film the closing credits are shown, Paul was surprised that how many people are working on the creation of the film. And there are only 3 people from the yard, as they say (and in a real movie there are more than 100 and 200 people)

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