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Our best promo codes-offers for discounts on the subscription of the online cinema Karbush TV

Who among us does not like to spend an evening watching your favorite movies?

Online cinemas have become a real salvation for all moviegoers, allowing you to watch movies right from home.

And one of the most popular online cinemas of Short films and Amateur films is Karbush TV.

But what could be better than watching movies at a bargain price?

We have collected the coolest promo codes for you-offers that will help you get a discount on a subscription to Karbush TV.

Ready to learn more?

Attention – promo codes will appear in the near future (that is, not earlier than September 30, 2023).

Promo codes for subscription in the online cinema Karbush TV

1. “Kinofan” is a promo code that gives a 20% discount on an annual subscription.
2. “Birthday” – on your birthday you can get a promo code with a 50% discount on a subscription of any duration.

How to use the promo code?
1. Go to the official website of Karbush TV and choose the subscription that suits you.
2. Enter the promo code in the special field when placing an order.
3. Make sure that the order amount has changed according to the discount applied.
4. Continue ordering and enjoy high-quality movies at a bargain price!

Advantages of subscribing to Karbush TV

1. A large selection of films and TV series: Karbush TV offers a huge library of films of different genres and directions, but the main direction of our cinema is Short films and Amateur films, as well as series of our own production.
2. High quality video: You can enjoy watching movies in HD or even 4K quality if your device supports this resolution.
3. Convenience and Accessibility: You can watch movies anytime and anywhere using your computer, phone or tablet.
4. Various functions: Karbush TV offers the opportunity to create personalized movie lists, leave reviews and ratings, as well as share your impressions with friends.


A subscription to the online cinema Karbush TV is a great opportunity to get access to a huge library of movies at a bargain price.

Use our promo codes-offers and get even more discounts!

Enjoy watching your favorite movie at a time and place convenient for you.

Don’t miss the chance to save on a subscription and get unforgettable emotions from watching the best movies!

Enjoy watching!